Monday, January 27, 2014

Lego Donations

The Matawan-Aberdeen Public
Library Needs Legos!

Help us start our new LEGO Club for school-aged kids this spring!

We are looking for permanent donations of new or gently-used LEGO bricks. Any kind of LEGOs are appreciated but at this time, we do not  need the larger Duplos. 

If you can help us out, please drop off your donations at the Children's Desk. Thank you!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Winter Storytime Registration

Registration for winter storytime has begun. Registration is available online at:  You can also call: 732-583-9100 (ask for children’s) or email: Registering once signs your child up for the full six week session. A valid Matawan-Aberdeen Public Library card is required to register for all programs– please have it available when registering.  Storytime begins the week of January 27th.

Mondays: 2&3 year-olds @ 10AM                                                                              
4&5 year-olds @ 11AM
Tuesdays: Rhyme Time (6-23 mo)  @ 9:30AM                                                                                   2&3 year-olds  @ 10:30AM                                                                                                             4&5 year-olds @ 1:30PM
Wednesdays: Rhyme Time (6-23 mo)  9:30AM                                                                             2&3 year-olds @ 10:30 AM    
Thursdays: 2&3 year-olds @ 10AM                                                                                           Rhyme Time (6-23 mo)  @ 11AM

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Tweens go Digital @ MAPL


            On Sunday, September 15th Tweens (students in grades 4-6) got digital when they played with a makey-makey kit (shown above).  The kit includes several wires which hook into the motherboard and then can be attached to anything that conducts electricity (metal paper clips, coins, etc.)  There is also a USB cable which can be plugged into your computer where you can use the makey makey as a remote control for games or to play the piano with!
            How the makey makey works is that each spot on the motherboard performs a different function that a traditional keyboard would (space key, arrow keys, etc). For example, when you hook the wire into the space key hole on the motherboard and attach the other end of the wire into something that conducts electricity, instead of pressing the space bar on the computer, you simply press onto the wire that is attached to the object and the command of the space bar will come to life! 
We tried several metal objects and pencil rubbings, and then I brought out some edible treats including carrots, gummy worms and apples to see if they would work with the makey makey.  To the tweens surprise, these edible treats worked and allowed them to play the piano by using these objects instead of the space bar and arrow key commands on a traditional keyboard.  

On Saturday, October 19th @ 3pm, another tween program, Halloween Fun will take place. Scary stories will be shared and we’ll be making some icky eats!  To find out information about tween programs or to register please call the library @ 732-583-9100 or email us at

                   Tweens using the computer to set up the makey makey.

  Tween experimenting with an apple, will it work with the makey makey kit?

This post was written by Library Intern, Dennis.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Fall Storytime Registration 2013

Registration for fall storytime has begun. Registration is available online at:  You can also call: 732-583-9100 (ask for children’s) or email: Registering once signs your child up for the full six week session. A valid Matawan-Aberdeen Public Library card is required to register for all programs– please have it available when registering. 

Storytime begins the week of September 16th             
Mondays: 2&3 year-olds @ 10AM                                                                            
                  4&5 year-olds @ 11AM

Tuesdays: 2&3 year-olds  @ 10AM                                                                                              
                   4&5 year-olds @ 1:30PM 

Wednesdays: Book Babies 9:30AM                                                             
                          2&3 year-olds @ 11AM                                     

Thursdays: 2&3 year-olds @ 10AM                                                         
                   Book Babies 11AM

Monday, March 25, 2013

Sesame Street ebooks are here!

Our newest ebook subscription will be of popular interest to our youngest patrons! Through Sesame Street ebooks, children can enjoy interactive books where they actually participate in a reading adventure, audio ebooks that are read to them, or a simple ebook that a parent or caregiver can read to them.  There is no downloading required- but you do need an internet connection in order to access and use them. Viewing is available on e-readers that have internet capabilities and on computers.  The best part is there are more than 150 free ebooks!

Accessing the ebooks is easy:

         1.  Log onto MAPL’s website @
           2.     From the top menu choose “Department Pages” and chose “Children’s Department”
      3.  Click on Ebooks
      4.  Click on the Sesame Street link

If you try to go directly to Sesame Street’s ebook page, you’ll be asked to purchase the ebooks, so make sure you follow the above steps.

Happy reading!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

NJ coming and we've got a way to help!

Every spring parents come in requesting NJ ASK test prep materials.   Circulating these materials is difficult because kids can’t write in the books and we can only supply so many of the books.  In an effort to serve our patrons more efficiently, we have subscribed to Lumos Learning’s NJ ASK Test Prep online.   Practice tests and workbook sections are available for the subjects of Math & Language Arts for grades 3-8.  

To get started, visit the Student Resources link at the top of the library’s website.  You’ll see the NJ ASK Test Prep on the Student Resources Page.  If you are logging in from home, the site will ask you to enter your library card number which is the fourteen digit number on the back of your library card.  Once you complete this step, Lumos Learning will ask you to create a login and password.   

You can use this any time of day without the library being open so we’re hoping that our patrons like the service as much as we do.  

Have you tried our new NJ ASK Test prep online?  Send us an email at to let us know if it’s working for you and your child.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Tweens: Gingerbread Houses

Gingerbread Houses are not just made during the December holiday season! Tweens braved the snow on Friday, January 25th and came in to design their own gingerbread houses during an after-hours program.   Using two school lunch sized milk boxes, they added frosting and graham crackers to side their house.  Since we were never able to celebrate Halloween at the library, we had a bunch of leftover candy that the tweens were able to use to decorate their houses.

Here are some of their creations:

There will be another after hours tween program in February: Send a Card to a Friend, on Friday, February 8th @ 6:30PM.  Tweens will get to use our die-cut machine and decorate cards that we will mail that evening. Registration is required for this free program and is available on the library's website or by sending an email to